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Escape the hustle and bustle of the popular city resorts and plan relaxing holidays to Plakias, Crete. Prepare for the ultimate Cretan vacation in Plakias and explore its prime location of magnificent beaches, stunning mountains and gorges, and impressive views of the Libyan Sea. Take long walks at the village promenade and uncover a whole new experience every step of the way. Book your accommodation at Alianthos Garden Hotel and discover what to do in Plakias, Crete, for an unforgettable holiday experience.

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Visit Preveli beach, a natural protected area

Start from Preveli beach, the most famous beach of South Crete, which stands out because of the special landscape that surrounds it. The impressive beach with its cool waters is formed between imposing cliffs at the mouth of the "Great River".

Drive to Schoinaria beach, a superb diving hub

Just 8 km from the beach of Plakias in Crete and about 3 km south of the village of Lefkogia, Schinaria Beach captivates at first sight.

Swim in the organized beach of Souda

At the western part of Plakias Beach Crete, visit Souda beach, which lies at the end of a lush, green valley crossed by the Finikas river.

Dive in the turquoise waters of Damnoni beach

Visit a beach with clear blue waters and white sand that overlooks the rocky mountains of Crete. Located 3 km east of Plakias, Damnoni is a very well-organised beach, ideal for families with children.

Swing by Small Ammoudi beach, a popular nudist beach

Small Ammoudi or Ammoudaki is an incredible nudist beach right next to Klisidi. This beach is unique for many reasons.

Explore Klisidi beach, a hidden miniature paradise

Just 200 m west of Ammoudi, you will find a tiny sandy beach called Klisidi. Its gorgeously clear, turquoise waters and the rocky surroundings evoke a feeling of awe.

Discover Ammoudi beach, a unique snorkelling location

Ammoudi Beach is a charming bay with crystalline waters and rocky seabed, located 4 km east of Plakias, Crete. Ammoudi is the ultimate snorkelling and diving site.

Explore Sfakia by boat

Immerse yourself in the beauty of the endless blue of the Cretan sea. Seize the opportunity to explore breathtaking beaches, caves, and cliffs. Embrace the tradition in the village of Sfakia, meet the warm-hearted locals and taste the famous “Sfakiani pie” made with delicious Cretan cheese. Our distinguished chef has also prepared a special picnic for you, which you may enjoy wherever your heart desires.

Visit the enchanting Preveli Beach by boat

Treat yourself and your loved ones to a memorable boat tour in Crete, to the magnificent Preveli Beach. Known for its unique and natural beauty, Preveli Beach is 45 minutes away from Plakias. Enjoy a glass of wine under the Cretan sun, soak in the charms of the palm forest and taste a heavenly picnic our Chef Sotiris Diogos has prepared just for you. An ideal choice for making the most of your holidays in Plakias, Crete.

Discover pristine, virgin beaches on a boat trip to Domata

Hop on a personalised boat tour in Crete and admire three beautiful and tranquil beaches away from the island's hustle and bustle. Experience the raw beauty of Crete by surrounding yourself with impressive cliffs, crystalline waters and a one-of-a-kind landscape that the force of nature could only create. Kickstart an unforgettable adventure and unwind with a cold glass of wine and a delicious picnic.

Explore Gavdos - a unique trip to the southernmost point of Europe

Live a worthwhile experience by taking a boat trip to Gavdos. Discover the island’s charm, including the famous Agios Ioannis beach, which has been listed as the second most beautiful beach in the world, according to Discovery Channel. You might even be lucky to see dolphins swimming by your boat during the tour. Conclude the trip with a rejuvenating swim at Sarakiniko beach.

Explore Samaria, the queen of Crete’s Gorges

Seek some serious exercise and admire the gorgeous scenery at the same time. The world-famous Samaria Gorge, Europe’s largest gorge with an impressive length of 16 km, is a sight to behold. Expect a challenging yet gratifying day of striking nature as you follow the route toward the sea.

Hike the imposing Kallikratis Gorge - A special Hiking Tour in Crete

Explore Crete΄s unique nature with much more to offer than just outstanding beaches. Hike through one of the most impressive gorges of Crete and familiarise yourself with the Cretan culture by meeting locals. Our guide Giorgos will lead the group through a memorable experience in the east of the White Mountains. Strengthen bonds with your family in the great outdoors as this excursion is also an ideal activity in Crete for children.

Witness unequalled beauty on the “Looking for Daphne Walking Tour”

Dig into Greek mythology with our walking tour and discover the area's unparalleled beauty. Our guide Giorgos will accompany you through this invaluable experience. Enjoy the distinctive scent of “daphne” (laurel) bushes and learn about the Cretan culture in an authentic setting. Expect to meet a local organic farmer that will teach you the hidden secrets of the blessed Cretan ground. There is no better way to create marvellous memories with your children while staying at our family hotel in Crete.

The majestic Kourtaliotis waterfalls!

In one of the most impressive natural attractions of Crete, along the 3-kilometer gorge of Kourtaliotis, the small church of Saint Nikolaos of Kourtaliotis dominates the landscape where the five great historical springs spring up.

Follow our hiking routes around the area of Plakias

From Plakias to Damnoni and Myrthios, from Lefkogeia to the Monastery of Michael Archangelos (Foinikas) and Souda, choose from the 18 hiking routes we have organised for you!

Treat your significant other to a romantic dinner for two

Surprise your significant other with a romantic dinner for two. Trust our excellent chef, Sotiris Diogos, to prepare an exclusive gourmet dinner for you and your beloved one.

Get in touch with nature with a personalised picnic, planned by Alianthos Garden Hotel

Combine your vacation to Plakias with a memorable journey into the Cretan gastronomy. Relax with a picnic specially prepared for your utmost pleasure by the creative chef Sotiris Diogos and his team of experts. Organise a surprise picnic for your beloved ones on a secluded beach of Crete, in an olive grove, on a small boat, or wherever your heart desires. Choose the place you like and leave the rest of the planning to us!

Take a sip of Crete: Kourkoulou Family Winery Tour in Crete

Visit the family winery Kourkoulou, located only 45 minutes drive away from Plakias and a stone's throw from the Patsos Gorge. The family does not only find their passion in cultivating and producing traditional Cretan grape varieties but is also fully engaged in transmitting their knowledge, experience and love for wines to every single visitor. Learn about the wine-making process and taste the aromas of Cretan varieties while experiencing authentic Greek hospitality.

Visit an organic herbal farm and take in the “Cretan Aroma”

Visit the Cretan Aroma, an organic herbal farm located only 15 minutes away from Plakias. Discover a wide variety of herbs and find out how constant dedication and care ensure high-quality, balanced crops without chemicals and additives. Immerse yourself in the impressive nature and sip your coffee or flavourful beverage at the nearby café while soaking up the Cretan aromas.

Get a flavoursome product: Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the olive grove of Alianthos Garden Hotel

Our olives, which are cultivated and ripened under the Cretan sun in our own olive grove, provide us with high-quality virgin olive oil every year. Take home a little piece of Alianthos Garden Hotel, which will elevate your culinary creations in deliciousness! Choose a wonderful gift for yourself and your loved ones with a Cretan taste, that will be engraved in your memory for a long time.

Get your hands on our awarded chef’s cookbook: "Einfach Lecker" by Sotiris Diogos

Get ready for a culinary experience that will satisfy your taste buds with a series of "simply delicious" recipes prepared by our Executive Chef, Sotiris Diogo. Sotiris has assembled his personal collection of 32 easy Greek cuisine recipes, so you can recreate the feeling of indulgence you will experience at our hotel restaurant. Add holiday flavour to your meals and get quick and easy access to your favourite dishes with his recipes! Currently, you can find the book available in German only.

Unearth Rethymno΄s treasures

Discover the ethereal beauty of Rethymno, Crete. Rethymno is located 36 km north of Plakias Beach in Crete. It is a vibrant, friendly and welcoming city and amongst the top holiday destinations in Crete.

Learn more about tradition in the village of Sfakia

Meet the people of Sfakia village and value their brave and strong-hearted persona, unchangeable throughout the years.

Rest and relax at Loutro, a calm fishing village

Visit the quaint fishing village of Loutro and let tranquillity take over. Admire its bay’s crystalline waters that sparkle in the bright Greek sunlight. Enjoy Loutro’s unique and lovely waterfront, which features whitewashed houses and a tangible authentic charm.

Hunt for notorious ghosts in the old village of Fragkokastello

Feel a mystical aura in Frangokastello, especially at its former Venetian castle, called Drosoulites. Learn about the myth of army ghosts that appear as dew shadows in the early morning hours, called “drosoula” in Greek.

Reach Preveli Monastery and check out an astonishing view

Be mesmerised by Preveli Monastery’s complex history and learn about its strategic role when Crete was under occupation both by the Turks and later by the Germans in World War II.

Find out why the Arkadi Monastery is an integral part of the history of Crete

Tour the Arkadi Monastery, one of the most remarkable monasteries in Crete. Learn about the crucial role the monastery played during Ottoman rule and visit its small museum and gift shop.

Visit Spili, a different version of holidays in Plakias Crete

Step out to Spili and become acquainted with the village’s warm people, its famous spring water, numerous caves, and old churches.

Sail from Agia Galini’s port to reach unspoiled beaches

Drive just 48 km east from Plakias Beach and arrive at Agia Galini, one of the most beautiful spots of the island and famous for its hospitality and gastronomy.

Walk through antiquity in Eleftherna

Discover the ancient city of Eleftherna, which was founded by the Dorians around the 9th century BC. Also called Apollonia, it was an ancient city-state in Crete, Greece, which lies 25 km southeast of Rethymno. Prepare to take a trip to the time of the First Cretan War (205 BC - 200 BC), when the Cretan cities fought against each other.

Follow the path of ancient Cretan myths and visit Knossos

Plan an excursion to the highly impressive Knossos Palace and find out how the ceremonial and political centre of the ancient and powerful Minoan civilisation affected the rest of the Western world. Learn the legends of the Minotaur, the Labyrinth, and Icarus, and check out the highly revered and restored murals and mosaics.

Reveal the past of Ancient Cretans and stroll around Phaistos

Don't miss the imposing site of Phaistos in the valley of Messara, 55 km south of Heraklion city. See the ruins of the impressive Minoan palace and tour its different rooms.

Visit the Museum of Dominikos Theotokopoulos - El Greco

Make sure you dedicate at least a couple of hours to the El Greco Museum, the highly coveted museum that reflects the work and art documents of the famous painter of Late Renaissance Domenikos Theotokopoulos, also known as El Greco.

Climb the Paligremno of Plakias

If you are a climbing enthusiast, then 'gear up' with appetite, energy and get ready to explore Paligremno. The Paligremnos rock, or Gonate, rises on the left edge of Plakias beach at a height of over 80 metres.

Organise riding tours at Plakias Beach Crete

Think outside of the box when searching for what to do in Plakias Crete and ride a horse, a pony, or a donkey to get the full benefit out of your holidays in Plakias, Crete. Take a dreamy tour around the village, the beaches, the marvellous olive groves, or through the rocky mountains and see how it all comes together.

Dive into paradise at Calypso Beach Crete

Admire the rich marine life that thrives in the crystal-clear waters of Calypso beach Crete, whose visibility reaches up to 40 meters! Explore its impressive seabed and admire its imposing landscape, surrounded by high cliffs.

Pick from a variety of watersports

Watersports in southern Crete are one of the most popular activities you can do. Have unique experiences doing fun activities such as windsurfing, catamaran sailing, water skiing, wakeboarding, canoeing and many other watersports you will love!

Enjoy a relaxing atmosphere and the laid-back charm of Plakias, Beach Crete. Book your accommodation at Alianthos Garden Hotel and use it as an ideal base for daily excursions, extreme activities, and an ultimate taste of the Cretan grandeur.