Escape the hustle and bustle of the popular city resorts and plan relaxing holidays to Plakias, Crete. Prepare for the ultimate Cretan vacation in Plakias and explore its prime location of magnificent beaches, stunning mountains and gorges, and impressive views of the Libyan Sea. Take long walks at the village promenade and uncover a whole new experience every step of the way. Book your accommodation at Alianthos Garden Hotel and discover what to do in Plakias, Crete, for an unforgettable holiday experience.

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Visit Preveli beach, a natural protected area

Unearth the charms of Preveli beach, located near Calypso Beach Crete. Admire Megas Potamos River as it pours into the sea, as well as the striking blue lagoon and its surrounding exotic palm trees. The highlight might just be the “Stone of Lovers,” a large rock that got its name from the legendary love between Odysseus and Calypso, the nymph.

Drive to Schoinaria beach, a superb diving hub

Just 8 km from Plakias Beach Crete, Schoinaria beach is a beautiful cove with crystal clear and inviting waters. The beach is a mixture of sand and a few small pebbles and a popular diving spot for experienced divers and novices alike.

Hit the famous and kid-friendly Souda beach, an excellent fishing spot

At the western part of Plakias Beach Crete, reach Souda beach, which lies at the end of a rich valley crossed by the Finikas river. Souda has soft, golden sand and imposing cliffs. Its transparent waters make it the ideal place for fishing or scuba diving.

Dive in the turquoise waters of Damnoni beach

Damnoni beach is regarded for its crude white sand and rocky mountains. Its calm waters make it the perfect location for a variety of watersports, including sailing, windsurfing, water skiing, wakeboarding, stand-up paddleboarding, or even renting a banana boat.

Visit Oriseum Museum in the village of Asomatos

The Oriseum Museum houses an astonishing collection of various objects that reveal what life was like in Crete in the 20th century. Admire folk art, traditional furniture, magnificent textiles, old photographs, and valuable books. Buy gifts from the gift shop and take photos of the privately-owned art centre.

Meet art and history at the one-of-a-kind El Greco Μuseum

Be prepared to dedicate at least a couple of hours to the El Greco Museum, the highly coveted museum that reflects the work and art documents of the famous painter of Late Renaissance Domenikos Theotokopoulos, also known as El Greco. Visit the picturesque village of Fodele and see where El Greco was born and raised and how his upbringing influenced his work.

Turn back in time and wander around the Arkadi Abbey

Take a drive to Arkadi Abbey, one of the most respectable monasteries in all of Crete. Learn about the monastery’s critical role during Cretan resistance against the Turks in 1866 and how locals sacrificed their lives instead of surrendering. Unravel Arkadi Abbey’s fascinating history and get ready to be impressed by its striking architecture

Reach Preveli Monastery and check out an astonishing view

Be mesmerised by Preveli Monastery’s complex history and learn about its strategic role when Crete was under occupation both by the Turks and later by the Germans in World War II. See the beauty of its natural surroundings and admire the impressive co-existence of the dramatic Kourtaliotis gorge and the Megas Potamos river.

Reveal the past of Ancient Cretans and stroll around Phaistos

Visit the magnificent site of Phaistos and see the ruins of the spectacular ancient palace with well-designed halls and facilities from a close distance. Notice every single impressive detail and gaze around at captivating scenery from the Ida mountain to the Messara plain.

Follow the path of ancient Cretan myths and visit Knossos

Plan an excursion to the highly impressive Knossos Palace and find out how the ceremonial and political centre of the ancient and powerful Minoan civilisation affected the rest of the Western world. Learn the legends of the Minotaur, the Labyrinth, and Icarus, and check out the highly revered and restored murals and mosaics.

Get to know Crete through gorge walking

For those seeking some serious exercise coupled with staggering scenery, exploring the gorges is the way to go. Both the Kourtaliotis gorge and the world-famous Samaria Gorge, Europe’s largest gorge, are sights to behold. If you choose to hike them, be well-prepared and expect a challenging yet highly rewarding day of striking nature as you follow a route towards the sea. Admire the scents of herbs, the wild flora, and the rocky paths along the way.

Dare to climb the mountain of Paligremnos

Kick your holidays into overdrive during a day of climbing at Paligremnos, the huge rock at the east end of the bay, and the landmark of Plakias. The rock attracts many climbers, from beginners to advanced, due to its structure and shape.

Dive into paradise at Calypso Beach Crete

Admire the rich marine life that thrives in the crystal-clear waters of Calypso beach Crete, whose visibility reaches 40 meters! Explore the seabed using your own gear or take beginners’ lessons and partake in the dive of your life under professional supervision.

Organise riding tours at Plakias Beach Crete

Think outside of the box when searching for what to do in Plakias Crete and ride a horse, a pony, or a donkey to get the full benefit out of your holidays to Plakias, Crete. Take a dreamy tour around the village, the beaches, the marvellous olive groves, or through the rocky mountains.

Select from a variety of watersports

Watersports are one of the most popular things to do in Crete due to the ambient waters. Engage in such watersports not only at Plakias Beach but also at several other beaches, such as Damnoni and Souda. Find ways to keep your children entertained with windsurfing, catamaran sailing, water skiing, wakeboarding, canoeing, and much more.

Taste a traditional dish in charming tavernas with a magnificent sea view

Choose from a variety of seafront restaurants or taverns with panoramic views and order a dish of carefully selected local ingredients enriched with complex herbs and spices. Try traditionally cooked eggplants, fried snails, delicious lamb, and famous bean dishes. Understand why Cretan food is regarded as one of the most delectable cuisines on the planet.

Relax in the friendly atmosphere of a local bar

Have a drink after a long and satisfying meal either at several local bars around Plakias’ promenade. Choose traditional red or white wines that excite the senses while sitting back and enjoying the spectacular sunset. Try a glass of intense raki, the famous Cretan liquor, and cheers with the locals.

Indulge in local gastronomy at Amalthea Restaurant

If you’re wondering what to do in Plakias Crete for a memorable and delicious experience, then look no further than Amalthea Restaurant at Alianthos Garden Hotel. Try authentic dishes with the family, or enjoy a romantic dinner under the stars with your loved one.

Visit Spili, a different version of holidays in Plakias Crete

Step on out to Spili and become acquainted with the village’s warm people, its famous spring water, numerous caves, and old churches. Trace ancient paths and admire the huge fountain in the centre of the village with 25 sculptured decorative lions.

Sail from Agia Galini’s port to reach unspoiled beaches

Drive just 48 km east from Plakias Beach and arrive at Agia Galini, one of the most beautiful spots of the island and famous for its hospitality and gastronomy. Taste locally caught fish at local tavernas and stroll around charming paved alleys.

Embrace tradition in the village of Sfakia

Meet the people of Sfakia village and value their brave and strong-hearted persona, unchangeable throughout the years. Combine your visit with a boat trip to Gavdos, Loutro, Agia Roumeli, or stay in the village and taste the “Sfakiani” pie made of traditional Cretan cheese.

Rest and relax at Loutro, a calm fishing village

Visit the quaint fishing village of Loutro and let tranquillity take over. Admire its bay’s crystalline waters that sparkle in the bright Greek sunlight. Enjoy Loutro’s unique and lovely waterfront, which features whitewashed houses and a tangible authentic charm. Organise daytime boat trips to nearby Glyka Nera, Marmara, Lykos, and Foinikas beaches.

Hunt for notorious ghosts in the old village of Fragkokastello

Feel a mystical aura in Frangokastello, especially at its former Venetian castle, called Drosoulites. Learn about the myth of army ghosts that appear as dew shadows in the early morning hours, called “drosoula” in Greek. Get carried away and forget all other logical explanations and embrace the supernatural.

Enjoy a relaxing atmosphere and the laid-back charm of Plakias, Beach Crete. Book your accommodation at Alianthos Garden Hotel and use it as an ideal base for daily excursions, extreme activities, and an ultimate taste of the Cretan grandeur.