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Organic Farm Tour in Crete at a Glance

Discover Cretan Aroma, a lovely farm that includes the most unique organic herb farm in Crete, It is just a short distance from Alianthos Garden Hotel in Plakias, Crete. Find out how herbs and olives are cultivated and learn how the farmers use them to produce care products and cosmetics without any chemical additions. Learn all about the organic cultivation of herbs and olives and their use in creating skincare products without additional chemicals.

Take a walk in a relaxing environment with your beloved ones while soaking up the fresh air of the Cretan countryside.

Learn how olives and herbs can produce natural-made goods, such as soap and wax creams, and immerse yourself in the production process.

Enjoy a refreshing coffee or a beverage at the nearby coffee shop, and try some of the farm’s signature products


Organic Farm Tour in Crete In Detail

Upgrade your holidays to Plakias in Crete and opt for an excursion to Cretan Aroma, a unique, organic farm in Crete which has been in the same family for more than three generations. Gaze at the herb and vegetable gardens where local varieties of plants are grown with care in the middle of the Cretan countryside.

Interact with the local farmers and learn every little detail about the farm's history. Discover what motivated them to open their doors to visitors from all over the world and how they use the plants they grow to create natural products without additives, such as soap and creams. Sit comfortably at the coffee shop on the farm premises and enjoy a tasty coffee or any beverage of your preference.


Organic Farm Tour in Crete Itinerary

- 1. Reach Cretan Aroma farm, which is only a 15-minute drive from Plakias. Immerse yourself in nature and admire the stunning landscape on the way.

- 2. Interact with the local farmers and learn about the process that turns carefully selected herbs and olives into skincare products.

- 3. Discover a wide variety of rare herbs and find out how constant dedication and care ensure high-quality, balanced crops without chemicals and additives.

- 4. Sip your coffee or flavourful beverage at the nearby café while soaking up the Cretan aromas. Snap photos and relish a wonderful day excursion in Plakias, Crete.


Enjoy a relaxing atmosphere and the laid-back charm of Plakias, Beach Crete. Book your accommodation at Alianthos Garden Hotel and use it as an ideal base for daily excursions, extreme activities, and an ultimate taste of the Cretan grandeur.