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Alianthos Garden Hotel Crete Olive Oil at a Glance

Get your hands on the Crete virgin olive oil from Alianthos Garden Hotel that embodies our heritage and the healing properties of the Cretan nature. Seize the opportunity to taste some of the best Greek oils pressed from multiple varieties grown in the hotel’s fragrant olive groves.

Get a natural antioxidant that has beneficial health properties, preventing various diseases.

Taste a virgin, nutritious, delicious, and full of vitamins signature product by Alianthos Garden Hotel experts.

Discover one of Crete’s trademark products and choose a top-quality olive oil that guarantees to make your cooking heavenly.


Alianthos Garden Hotel Crete Olive Oil In Detail

Your holidays in Plakias, Crete wouldn’t be complete without a delicious, local souvenir. Alianthos Garden Hotel in Plakias caters to your culinary needs with a virgin product, inviting you to a pure, tasty, and healthy gastronomic experience.

Cretan olive oils are known for their balanced taste and intensity in flavour. Alianthos Garden Hotel produces and offers a special kind of Greek olive oil that is finger-leaking delicious.

Alianthos Garden Hotel's extra virgin olive oil is one of the reasons why the meals at Amalthea Restaurant are so special. Use it in your cooking and create special dishes with delectable flavours that are strongly reminiscent of Cretan gastronomy.


Alianthos Garden Hotel Crete Olive Oil Features

- 1. Extra virgin and tasty olive oil

- 2. Acidity not exceeding 0.3 degrees

- 3. Nutritious, unprocessed, and healthy

- 4. Local production in the olive groves of Alianthos Garden Hotel


Enjoy a relaxing atmosphere and the laid-back charm of Plakias, Beach Crete. Book your accommodation at Alianthos Garden Hotel and use it as an ideal base for daily excursions, extreme activities, and an ultimate taste of the Cretan grandeur.