Loyalty Club


We would be glad to welcome to our team new valuable members that are interested into becoming teammates of an awarded team that combines human-centered attitude with professionalism.

Our goal is to give you the opportunity to thrive both individually and as part of a team. Thus, we pay attention to the details of our everyday work and to our people one by one separately.

We are always eager to get to know better every candidate who wants to join our team. Below you can find the key aspects of our group and what to expect from us, if you join our team.

We began as a small family hotel and we are working with dedication each day, since 1975. Each year, we grow our team with people that we consider as the continuation of our family. We work with eagerness and passion in order to achieve our goals. We work with the sense of emergency each day. We want valuable employees that have an urge to offer customer-centered services and work efficiently, with detail-oriented attitude.

Working during periods of high pressure can be tough and demanding. At the same time, it could provide you with many challenges and the opportunity to build and develop your career with growth and learning, with training and personal development.

We will urge you to add to your accomplishments and to produce high quality services. We watch over outstanding performance and measure each team members’ devotion and efficiency, so your endeavors will never fall on the ground unseen.

We fully understand the changes, that your coming to our team, requires from you. We do our best to welcome you here in Plakias, a beautiful quiet place at the south of Rethymnon city, and to give you the tools that will help you go through the transition period with success, leaving you free to work efficiently and thrive. You will have a team to hear your achievements, your sincere proposals and your worries, aiming to help you grow even more and reach your potential.

Each of us represents our hotel and the whole team, our country, the Greek civilization and history. And we want to accomplish that mission proudly.

So, if you are willing to learn, stable and good at getting things done and want to join our mission, apply now to get more information.

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