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Your loyalty to Alianthos Garden Hotel turns into exclusive rewards!

The unique privileges, top-tier services and amenities, as well as the fairytale experiences guaranteed by  Alianthos Garden Loyalty Club will become the magic elixir of your holiday!

Join us now and become a member of our big family, for the ultimate holiday experience, with the genuine warmth of Cretan hospitality!



  • Registering with the Alianthos Garden Loyalty Club instantly grants you exclusive privileges - 'Alianthos Points' - for future redemption, and fantastic discounts on your accommodation. 
  • By booking directly with us you gain special benefits and top discounts for you and your loved ones even  from your very first stay at Alianthos Garden Hotel.
  • Redeem your 'Alianthos Points' for complimentary stays at our hotel. 
  • Accumulate 'Alianthos Points' to unlock levels and reach the pinnacle of the Alianthos Garden Loyalty Club: the 'FAMILY' level, where you'll enjoy the most privileged discounts and irresistible offers. 
  • Your membership, your “Alianthos Points” and level benefits have no expiration date. 

* Loyalty levels are determined by the number of “Alianthos Points”.



Member: 0-1,000 "Alianthos Points"
By registering in Alianthos Garden Loyalty Club, you automatically enter the first level:  “MEMBERS”. Indulge in special discounts on your stay and exclusive offers tailored just for you, all while collecting 'Alianthos Points' and advancing towards higher levels, unlocking even more special benefits.

Local: 1.000-50.000 “Alianthos Points”
You are now one us, connected to our land. It's time to immerse yourself in the local lifestyle, and we're here to encourage you with valuable  gifts, unmatched discounts, and dreamlike privileges to enjoy your experience to the fullest. 

Friend: 50,000-80,000 “Alianthos Points”
With over 50 thousand “Alianthos Points” accumulated, you're just one level away from reaching the pinnacle of the Alianthos Garden Loyalty Club and beyond. Our Friendship is a fact, a strong, authentic friendship built on love. Now the privileges and offers reach new heights, rightfully yours to enjoy. 

Family: 80,000 "Alianthos Points"
Welcome to the top level of Alianthos Garden Loyalty Club: “FAMILY”! You are our extended family, and that to us is a priceless gift. Indulge in the heavenly holiday journey that only Alianthos Garden Hotel can offer you and enjoy the ultimate package of privileges of our Loyalty Club. 



From a personal, heartfelt welcome in the style of authentic Cretan hospitality to exclusive discounts tailored just for you, step into the world of ultimate relaxation and enjoyment at Alianthos Garden Hotel. 

Complimentary stays, room upgrades, delightful gifts and surprises beyond your imagination—all this and more awaits you as a member of the Alianthos Garden Loyalty Club!



  Member Local Friend Family
Discount on direct bookings 10% 10% 12% 15%
Early check-in (on request, upon availability)
Exclusive members-only offers
Discounts at partner businesses
Personal Advisor Long Time Αppointment  
Complimentary cocktail  
Farewell gift  
One complimentary Lunch - one per person    
Special Welcome Treat    
Best room available (in booked category, upon availability)    
Complimentary stay    
Discount in Hotel restaurant & bar      
Tailor your stay (on request, upon availability)      
Late check-out (on request, upon availability)      
Afternoon housekeeping (on request)      
Room upgrade (on request, upon availability)      




You get "Alianthos Points" with every visit to Alianthos Garden Hotel. There are two ways to earn “Alianthos Points”: through your stay and by opting for extra services during your holiday  at our hotel.

"Alianthos Points" from your stay:

  • By booking directly on our website, every euro spent on your stay equals 10 “Alianthos Points”. 
  • When booking through channels other than our website, “Alianthos Points” will be awarded based on the month and room type selected. See for example the table below:

"Alianthos Points" per night stay:

  August, September June, July Other months
Double Room with Garden View
Double room with side sea view
800 700 600
Triple room with side sea view
Double room with sea view
Triple room with sea view
Studio with garden view
1000 900 800
Apartment with mountain view
Spacious apartment with mountain view
1500 1300 1100


"Alianthos Points" gained by extra services:

For every additional service you choose during your stay (such as dining, beverages, car rentals, excursions, and products), you'll earn 15 “Alianthos points” for every euro spent. To earn “Alianthos Points”, it's essential that the services are charged to your room bill. This applies to both direct  and non-direct bookings.

* The calculation of "Alianthos Points" is based on the total amount of your reservation bill, as indicated on your final receipt. The transfer of “Alianthos Points” to your Alianthos Garden Loyalty Club account occurs after your departure from our hotel.



To redeem the “Alianthos Points” accumulated in your Alianthos Garden Loyalty Club account for free nights, simply log in to the "Loyalty Club" page using your personal "Email" and "Password," then select the "Redeem" field. 

The redemption of "Alianthos Points" is applicable only to stays and does not cover additional hotel services such as food, beverages, car rentals, excursions, or products. 

Please see the table below detailing the number of "Alianthos Points" required to redeem a free night based on the room type and the desired period of stay.

Required "Alianthos Points" to redeem a free night:

  August, September June, July Other months
Double Room with Garden View
Double room with side sea view
26.000 24.000 18.000
Triple room with side sea view
Double room with sea view
Triple room with sea view
Studio with garden view
34.000 30.000 24.000
Apartment with mountain view
Spacious apartment with mountain view
50.000 38.000 31.000


* To redeem your "Alianthos Points" for a free night, please proceed with two separate reservations. The first reservation should be for the date of the free night, and the second reservation will cover the remaining days of your stay at Alianthos Garden Hotel. 


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