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Join a family that will make your holidays in Crete special

Welcome to Alianthos Garden Hotel, a place designed to offer you high-quality services, always oriented to your needs, with sincere care, in a friendly and family-oriented environment. Every member of our hotel in Plakias, Crete, is proud to belong to a constantly thriving team.

We grow every year and are always looking for exceptional professionals who would be proud to become valuable team members. We have come a long way and make every effort to build an award-winning team of people who excel in professionalism, dedication, and team spirit.

Discover the shared values that guide the team of Alianthos Garden Hotel in Plakias, Crete

The values of our staff are designed to fulfill our mission and guide our every function to provide you with top-quality services, making you feel truly at home. We continually invest in our people, train them and build strong bonds as a team.

We all work personally as fully accountable professionals, and, at the same time, we all work together as part of a team sharing common values. We are proud of the awards we have won over the years, but we are even prouder of our employees, whom we train and highlight their skills, hard work, and achievements.

Experience authentic Cretan hospitality

Our staff works hard, and each aims to improve ourselves every day. We are part of a culture based on hospitality, the Cretan culture. We comply with the highest quality and stay true to our core values: open communication, responsibility, results-oriented workflow, and people-oriented behavior.

We all know the name of the people who stay in the 96 rooms of Alianthos Garden Hotel because we want to create a bond of genuine care. We always do our best to maintain a pleasant environment even in difficult and stressful times.

Your pleasant accommodation is at the heart of our team’s operations

It is the reviews of our customers that always make us smile. We look forward to reading them every year because this is the reward for our hard and demanding daily work. Read a few words from our key professionals and get a first-hand glimpse of our staff's way of thinking and the sense of true team spirit that we share.


We would be glad to receive your application to join our team

Sotiris Diogos, Executive Chef
Sotiris Diogos, Executive Chef

"A team that is by your side to help you achieve your goals"

I personally find it admirable to be part of a team with excellent management that constantly strives to help you become even better. Of course, there are clear goals and rules, but you’re also given the freedom you need to work your way. After all, what ultimately matters is the results.

As you would expect, these results speak for themselves every year, with more and more clients returning to Alianthos Garden family Hotel for their holidays in Plakias. If someone has long-term goals and wants to be part of a group that knows how to achieve them, this is the place to do so!

Georgia Kefou, Floor Supervisor
Georgia Kefou, Floor Supervisor

"Respect for our guests and partners is our driving force"

A priceless value that the Alianthos Garden Hotel team stands for is respect, both towards our guests and our partners. A pleasant, hard-working, and committed team dedicated to the care and satisfaction of their guests is what characterizes the housekeeping department.

Nothing gives us more gratitude than the genuine smiles of our customers, who for 30 years have consistently chosen to be here, recognizing that their pleasant accommodation is a one-way street for us.

Zvezdan Markos Bradic, Maintenance Manager
Zvezdan Markos Bradic, Maintenance Manager

"A team that helps you face every difficulty"

What I found when I arrived here was a unique familiarity and an amicable environment that to this day helps us solve any problem that arises, all together as a team. The hotel’s location is beautiful, and every guest always leaves with unforgettable experiences. And when you know that you have helped in all of this, you can't help but feel joy and pride.

Athina Berati-Vardaki, Human Resources & Cost Control Manager
Athina Berati-Vardaki, Human Resources & Cost Control Manager

"A safe environment with career development prospects"

Proper organization and constant development mean we cannot leave anything to chance. Every person who becomes a member of this team soon understands that they are in a safe environment where, apart from good work, there is also a perspective for development. But perhaps most importantly, Alianthos Garden has created a family atmosphere based on mutual support and respect that cannot easily be found elsewhere.

Eleni Vardaki, Reception
Eleni Vardaki, Reception

"The hotel is my home, and I want our guests to feel the same"

Alianthos Garden is my home, my family. Ever since I can remember, I have been a part of it. What gives me the greatest satisfaction is that our guests feel the same. They are not just "customers" but people who feel that warmth when they come to rest their body and soul in a summer palette full of colors! At the end of the day, all of us - guests and employees alike - live together in a beautiful environment full of smiles and mutual support.

Georgia Vardaki, Head of Reception & Marketing
Georgia Vardaki, Head of Reception & Marketing

"An environment that offers security and challenges"

For me, what stands out at Alianthos Garden Hotel is the organization and the perspective for future development and the genuinely friendly, human-oriented working environment that makes you feel special. Here anyone can pursue their dreams in tourism in a place that offers both security and challenges.

Kostas Vardakis, Director
Kostas Vardakis, Director

"Our goal is to continuously invest in our people"

Sometimes, maintaining a good name in hospitality is more complicated than creating it. In our hotel, we have never stopped investing in our staff and new management techniques, aiming to create a friendly and human-centered environment for everyone. After all, we have always wanted to make a place where employees and guests alike feel at home. And today, after three decades of successful operation in our industry, we can confidently say that we have made it.


The team of Alianthos Garden Hotel in Plakias, Crete, never stops growing. If you want to feel part of a big family that puts the needs of its people at the heart of its operations, follow the link below to see the jobs available at our hotel in detail. We will be happy to receive your application and welcome you to our team!