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Sfakia Crete Boat Tour at a Glance

Enjoy a drive to Sfakia and explore the gems of the region with a worthwhile Sfakia Crete boat tour. Immerse yourself in the unique beauty of this captivating area, featuring stunning beaches, cliffs, and caves. Wander at the astonishing scenery, embrace the authenticity of the locals and taste Greek coffee with galaktoboureko or the world-famous Sfakia pie.

Enroll for the Sfakia Crete boat tour and create unforgettable memories with your beloved ones.

Discover dazzling beaches and in particular admire the Illigakia, the Bath - the Marbles, depending on which tour you choose

Experience genuine Cretan hospitality while tasting Greek coffee and traditional dishes such as galaktoboureko and Sfakia pie in Crete.


Sfakia Crete Boat Tour In Detail

Discover the charms of Crete Sfakia. Drive for about 1 hour and 15 minutes to Sfakia port and prepare for a splendid boat tour to unparalleled places. Choose one of two routes: the first one goes to Sfakia - Loutro - Iligakia - Sfakia and the second one to Sfakia - Marmara - Iligakia - Sfakia.

Arrive at the first beach only after 15 minutes and dive into the allurement of this magical place. Unwind with a swim in the crystalline waters and explore the nearby sandy beaches and stunning caves. Reach Iligakia beach and be amazed by the spectacular landscape. Soak in the magnificence of the endless Cretan blue and enjoy local delicacies made exclusively for you by the distinguished chef of Alianthos Garden Hotel, Sotiris Diogos.

Wrap up your Sfakia Crete boat tour at the port of Sfakia, where Mrs. Despina will greet you. A delicious surprise awaits you. Relish galaktoboureko, Greek coffee, and Sfakia pie. Create one-of-a-kind moments with the warm-hearted locals, which you will cherish forever.


Sfakia Crete Boat Tour Itinerary

- Pick up your picnic box in the morning from Amalthea restaurant.

- Drive to the port of Sfakia - the trip takes 1 hour and 15 minutes

- Hop on the boat (and don’t forget your picnic basket)

- Arrive at the first beach 15 minutes later.

- Cool off with a swim or explore the beauties of this blessed area.

- Reach the incredible secluded beach of Iligakia.

- Savor your delectable picnic and refresh with a flavorful Cretan wine.

- Discover a surprise letter waiting for you on the boat.

- Finish your boat tour at Sfakia port.

- Enjoy a special treat of Greek coffee and galaktoboureko dessert prepared by Mrs. Despina just for you.



Tickets to Sfakia Crete Boat Tour.

Alianthos Garden picnic basket including water, two bottles of white wine, local delights & a tablecloth.

A beach umbrella upon request.

An intriguing surprise letter.



The car for your transportation is not included in the price.

*Exception: If you have rented a car for more than three days from our affiliate company Autopreveli, there may be exceptions. Please ask us.


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