Preveli Beach Boat Tour at a Glance

Treat your loved ones to an unforgettable trip to the astonishing Preveli beach, Crete. Known for its palm forest that adds a tropical flair, Preveli is a no-miss when on holidays in Plakias, Crete. Indulge in the ineffable natural beauty of this alluring area and enjoy a tasty picnic on our Preveli beach boat tour.

Sign up for the Preveli beach boat tour and experience a world-famous destination that attracts thousands of tourists every year.

Ramble in the magnificent palm forest and savor luscious delicacies and local wines under the Cretan sun.

Stand in awe in front of the Stone of Lovers and the lovely chapel of Saint Savvas.


Preveli Beach Boat Tour In Detail

Explore the breathtaking Preveli palm beach in Crete. Located only 45 minutes from Plakias, Preveli is an ideal choice for making the most of your holidays in Plakias, Crete. Get on the boat from Plakias port and prepare for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Be amazed by its unique palm forest and crystalline waters, transforming it into a tropical paradise.

Discover the unequaled sights that come together to compose a stunning landscape. Visit the stone of lovers, the beautiful chapel of Saint Savvas, and hike on the other side of the hill to reach yet another beautiful beach. Ease off with a delicious picnic while gazing at the endless blue of the Cretan sea.


Preveli Beach Boat Tour Itinerary

- Pick up your picnic basket from the Amalthea restaurant and head to the port of Plakias.

- Hop on the boat to Preveli beach, which takes 45 minutes.

- Wander along the river and marvel at the majestic palm forest.

- Visit the Stone of Lovers and be enchanted by its intriguing mythology.

- Explore the charming Saint Savvas beachside chapel.

- Climb the steps and get to the other side of the hill, on a different beach.

- Savour local delights prepared with care by the hotel chef exclusively for wine pairings.

- Dive into the deep blue waters and enjoy an unforgettable swim.

- Unwind under the palm trees and wonder at the impressive scenery.



Boat tickets to Preveli beach Crete.

Alianthos Picnic basket including water, two bottles of wine, local delicacies & a tablecloth.

A fascinating surprise letter.

A beach umbrella upon request.


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