Terms & Conditions

These Terms & Conditions supersede all previous terms and conditions of the Alianthos Garden Loyalty Club

1.1 Definitions

  • "Alianthos Garden Loyalty Club" (hereinafter referred to as the "Program") is the loyalty program of Alianthos Garden Hotel
  • "Member" refers to an individual who has successfully completed the official registration process and has agreed to the Program's Terms and Conditions.
  • "Card" refers to the membership card issued by the Program to an individual who is a Member.
  • "Points" refer to the reward currency earned by a Member by using the Card.
  • "Redemption" refers to the process of using Points as a form of payment to acquire goods and services as defined by the Program.
  • "Awards & Vouchers" refer to the offers that can be redeemed using Points, including but not limited to "Redemption Vouchers."
  • "Benefits" refer to the amenities and services provided to Members as part of their membership.
  • “Program Partner” is a third party, which offers benefits or awards to Members.
  • The "Official Website Program" refers to the official website of the Program, hereinafter referred to as the "Website”

1.2 The Card is issued by and remains the property of the Program. It is not a credit card and is free of charge.

1.3 Membership Cancellation: The Program reserves the right to refuse, revoke, or terminate a Member's membership at any time. If a membership is canceled, all accumulated Points and associated benefits will be forfeited.

1.4 Termination Date: The Program has no predetermined termination date and may continue until the Program decides to terminate it, with or without prior notice. The Program is not responsible for any points remaining in members’ accounts after termination.

1.5 Program Changes: The Program reserves the right to amend, update or change any aspect pertaining to the program including the Terms & Conditions, at any time in whole or in part without requesting permission from Members. Continued participation in the Program will constitute a Member’s acceptance of any such amendment, modification, or supplementation. Members are responsible for staying informed about the Program Terms and any modifications or additions to the Program.

1.6 Partners responsibility: The Program is not responsible for any withdrawals by Program partners, which may impact the availability of Awards.

1.7 Program Notifications: The Program will endeavor to advise Members of matters of interest, including updates on promotions and other offers. However, the Program is not liable for any correspondence lost or delayed in the postal system or via electronic mail.

1.8 Program Corrections: The Program reserves the right to change printed and online offers at any time and to correct any typographical errors, description errors, or errors regarding participating properties and Program Partners without notifying members.

1.9 Printed information & Website: All details mentioned in the website supersede anything appearing in any printed or other material of the Program and form part of these Conditions of Membership.

1.10 Sale or Barter of Points: TThe sale or barter of Program Points or other card benefits between Members is strictly prohibited.

1.11 Lost / Stolen Cards: If the Card is lost, stolen, or damaged, the Member must promptly inform the Program Membership Services in writing at

1.12 Contact Details: Any correspondence sent to Members is based on the contact details provided to the Program. Each Member is responsible for keeping their information up to date on the official website.

1.13 Interpretation of Terms: The Program holds sole discretion over all interpretations of these Terms & Conditions of Membership.

1.14 Availability at Hotel: Members are responsible to check with the Hotel regarding the availability of any benefits that could enhance their visit. The Program reserves the right to update benefits listed as available or credited to a Member at any time.

1.15 Limited by Length of Stay: Certain benefits may have limitations based on the length of the stay.

1.16 Availability: All Benefits, Vouchers and Awards are subject to availability.

1.17 Program communication: The Program will communicate with members via email, post, or any other appropriate medium.


2. Application for Membership

2.1 Eligibility: Membership in the Program is free of charge and is available to any individual over the age of 18 who:

2.1.1 Possesses the legal authority to agree to the Program Terms.
2.1.2 Resides in a jurisdiction that legally permits participation in the Program.
2.1.3 Provides valid and accurate personal information when enrolling in the Program
2.1.4 He/she is not a member of the travel trade; employee of Alianthos Garden Hotel and associated companies.

2.2 Mandatory Fields: The Program reserves the right to reject any application if mandatory information is not accurately and fully supplied.

2.3 Termination of Account: The Member may terminate membership by submitting a written notice via email. Membership will be terminated immediately upon receipt of such notice. All unredeemed Program Points will be forfeited immediately and cannot be reinstated or transferred.

2.4 Fraudulent Activity. If a Member suspects or discovers any fraudulent activity associated with their Program account, such as unauthorized redemption or transfer of Points, they must report it to the Program Head Office within 60 days of its occurrence. Any credit or debit of Points in question to the Member's account will be at the sole discretion of the Program. The Program also reserves the right to cancel any Membership account that has been registered using fraudulent details.

3. Cards & Categories

3.1 The Program Card is not transferable. It can only be used by the cardholder.
3.2 Each issued Program Card has an exclusive membership number.
3.3 The membership is personal and is available only to individuals. Not to families, companies, partnerships, associations, groups or other entities. Program may refuse membership without a given reason.

3.4 Card Categories:

Please refer to Program’s Website for the Card Categories and their qualification criteria.


4. Earning Loyalty Points

For accurate information on points earning methods, please refer to the Program’s Website at

4.1 Status & Award Points: Points are the reward currency of the Loyalty.
There are two types of Loyalty Points:

  • Status Points: are credited for each eligible transaction and cannot be redeemed. Status Points reflect the Tier category of the Member.
  • Award Points: are credited for each eligible transaction by the Member and can be redeemed, according to the redemption scheme in the Program Club Website.

4.2 Accumulating points: Members are required to inform the Hotel Reception at the time of check–in or to Partners before ordering a service. In the event of failure to inform Reception at check-in, Program Points will not be credited. Please allow 14 days after the transaction (departure from the hotel) for Program Points to reach the Members’ Account.

4.3 Errors: Program reserves the right to correct any Program Point values or statements at any time or when the error is realized.

4.4 Missing points: If the Member wishes to claim any adjustment to the number of Points credited or for retroactive Program Points, the Member must do so within twelve months from date of any Hotel visit, by email to Program Membership Services, with a copy of the bill for which the Member did not receive the correct number of Points. Failure to supply the adequate documentation may result in the denial of such Points’ credit. Program reserves the right to decline any retroactive Points requests.

4.5 Member’s Account: Members may view their Points on After each transaction, it is the responsibility of the Loyalty Member to verify the accuracy of the earned points.

4.6 One Card / Room: Points will be credited only to one card for each room bill. The points will be credited to the primary name on the reservation.

4.7 Booked Room Type: For visits to the Hotel, the number of Points awarded will be based upon the room type booked and paid for, even if a different room type is provided.

4.8 Non-Resident bookings: Members will not earn points when making a reservation for another person even if the reservation is in the Member’s name.

4.9 Non–eligible accommodation rates (therefore without receiving any points) are defined as:

4.9.1 Airline crew rates
4.9.2 Travel industry employee rates
4.9.3 When the Member’s accommodation is paid by other party with special rates (e.g. company events, conferences, corporates)
4.9.4 Barter, complimentary and redemption (free) stays.

4.10 Eligible Charges
Eligible charges will receive points only if they are charged to the room bill.

4.11 Non-Eligible Charges
Any item that is paid to a Hotel department directly in cash.

4.12 Transferring Points: Points cannot be transferred to any other Member account.

4.13 Pre-membership Points: Points cannot be credited for visits to the Hotel before the Guest completes the loyalty registration process.

4.14 Partners
A Member cannot earn any Program Points by purchasing merchandise or services from Partners, unless explicitly specified under Program Partner’s agreement in the Program’s Website.

4.15 Corporate Points
4.15.1 If the reservation of the Member is paid by an employer, principal or client the Member is responsible for notifying the employer, principal or client of any Program Points received and for complying with any applicable laws, gift policies and incentive policies.

4.15.2 The Member agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Program and associated companies from any liability, costs and damages relating to claims of any third party arising from a failure to disclose the receipt of Program Points or any other incentives.

5. Discounts
5.1 Presentation of Card: To receive discounts from Program Partner (shops, car hire, etc.), a valid Program Card must be presented at the time of ordering/reservation and before payment is concluded. Failure to do so will result in no discount.


6. Redemption of Program Points

Please refer to Program’s website for current redemptions options.

Redemption offers are subject to availability which may limit offering all products and services offered by the Program or any of the Program Partners. Redemption may also be limited during certain times of the year.

7.1 Inactive Members are not eligible to redeem points until their membership has been re-activated.

7.2 Declined Redemption: Program reserves the right to decline a Redemption if the correct procedure is not adhered to.

7.3 Registered Member: Program Points may only be redeemed by the registered Member for Redemption as specified by the Program.

7.4 Available Points: In order to qualify for a redemption offer, the Member must have sufficient Points in their account before the requested redemption date. Points collected during current stays cannot be redeemed.

7.5 Not-exchangeable: Program Points are not exchangeable for cash and no change for outstanding amounts will be given.

7.6 Transaction Date: Program Points are deducted from the Member’s account on the day that the Redemption activity is made.

7.7 Points Required: The number of points required for each redemption is in accordance with the current Program Redemption List on web site

7.8 Redemption for Free Stays
Please sign in into the Program’s Website and select the preferred option.

The standard Hotel’s cancellation policies will apply to Loyalty reservations - redemptions including, without limitation. Based on all minimum length of stay requirements, charges for late cancellation, no-shows and early checkout.
No-Show penalty: 100% of the full stay points.
Early checkout: For non-emergency early departures, 100% of the remaining stay points will be charged.

7.9 Benefits & Points during Free Stay: All Program benefits are valid during the free stay. Points will not be credited during a free stay.

8. Legal Jurisdiction: These Conditions of Membership are governed by the laws of and are applicable in the Hellenic Republic. In the event of any dispute, the Member agrees to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Greece.

9. Data Protection
By submitting their information on the Membership Application Form, the Members indicate their consent for Alianthos Garden Hotel to process their personal details in relation to their membership to the Program. Our company collects and processes personal data in accordance with our Personal Data Protection Policy which can be found at with Members' explicit and specific consent and for a specified purpose.