Dance, cook and experience the authentic, real and beautiful CRETE!

(01.10.23 - 31.10.23)

During this unique week, you will learn about the culture, history, myths and legends of the original Crete and be able to feel the genuine “filoxenia” (hospitality) of the local people. You will see and smell the aromatic wild herbs and plants of Crete up close.
The Cretans are famous for their vitality and longevity. It is not for nothing that the Cretan cuisine is one of the healthiest in the world. Our Greek products take center stage in an unforgettable cooking experience, where you have the opportunity to prepare some Cretan specialties yourself.
During this special week we will take part in one hands-on cooking class, we will learn about olive oil production, its history, and its role in Mediterranean cuisine. We will visit local producers as well as an olive oil factory, taste amazing Cretan wines at a winery - accompanied with cheese - and gain new knowledge about herbs, trees and plants in the little paradise of a botanical garden in southern Crete.

Day 1 - The secrets of olive oil: A tour of the authentic world of olive oil of South Crete. Τhe olive season; this time of the year we will discover the process of transforming this special fruit into oil, following the Cretan method. With the help of the locals, we will participate in harvesting the olive from the trees and watch its processing, or else known as the milling, in a local olive mill. We will visit the 'Museum of the Holy Monastery of Archangel Michael' to learn the history of this renowned natural element.

Day 2 - Greek drinks tasting & Live music night: The Bar Manager of Nymfes Bar, Alessandro, is looking forward to introducing you to the most special Greek character drinks and sharing the history of Greek tradition and their unique characteristics.
And... as we Greeks say, YA MAS! The evening will continue with live music on a Greek night. This is our way of becoming one company by dancing, singing and having fun!

Day 3 - All about Milk: A traditional journey to the livestock production of Southern Crete. It's time to come closer with animals and nature! First, we will visit a local farm, where we will collect the milk of goats and sheep. Then, we will observe the raw milk going into the cheese-making process at our local Cheese Factory. This experience will be unforgettable as, in the end, we will taste the most delicious handmade cheese pies, made by us!

Day 4 - Tour the Patsos canyon and winery visit: Our tour starts with a walk in nature, at one of the most famous canyons of Crete, the one of Patsos, where the chapel of Agios Antonios resides. After admiring the breathtaking, natural landscapes and whetting our appetite, we will enjoy a hearty meal at the country tavern 'Drymos'.
In close proximity to the canyon is the 'Kourkoulou Winery', a family business passionate and dedicated to the world of wines. This is where we will participate in a unique tasting experience of local wines, while enjoying the Cretan hospitality.

Day 5 - Cooking Experience: The chef of Amalthea Restaurant, Sotiris, is ready to share a culinary experience with you, based on the traditional Cretan cuisine and its secrets. By his side is Christoforos, the Maitre of Amalthea Restaurant, recommending different varieties of wines and showing his talent in the production process of Greek coffee and rakomelo.

Day 6 - Tasting of Greek wines: The six different varieties of Greek wines, a local ‘meze’ and the Bar Manager, Alessandro, will enchant you in this tasting experience. Spend your afternoon learning about the history, the production process and the elements that make these Greek wines so special.

Day 7 - Herbs, spices and handmade bread: We are travelling to a traditional village in Crete, where we will be welcomed by a 'Giagia' (grandmother in Greek) to teach us how to knead and bake bread in a wood-fired oven - the traditional way.
Our excursion will then proceed to visiting a botanical garden to tour the famous Cretan herbs, enter their historical world and learn about their many health benefits. To top it all off, a table rich in Cretan flavours and aromas awaits us all!

Notes: Transfers will be carried out by little vans from a partner company of Alianthos Garden Hotel.
The price includes meals, taxes and tickets for all tours.

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While it takes several trips to explore Crete fully, it only takes one to fall in love with it.