Pillow Menu

dreaming comfort and luxury
Sleep comprises one third of our lives. We sleep 8 hours a day, i.e. 121 days a year. We have every reason to make the best of it. All Alianthos Garden’s rooms have COCO-MAT mattresses and pillows. Moreover, we offer you a COCO-MAT pillow menu to choose from according to your needs. Because, when we talk about comfort and luxury, we mean every word.

We did not choose COCO-MAT by chance and certainly not by price. There are two small details that set COCO-MAT’s mattresses and pillows apart. Firstly, they are made of 100% natural materials (natural rubber, lavender, goose or duck feathers and cotton); all materials come from sustainable sources and are fully recyclable. Secondly, they are designed to provide adequate support to the neck and shoulders, for a pleasant, deep and quality night’s sleep. So, if you want to try a different pillow than the one on your bed, simply contact the reception and ask for it.