Natural attractions in South Crete

Based in Plakias you can visit places of unparalleled natural beauty. Do not waste any time. Start putting together a trip schedule. We can provide everything, from basic supplies to a car. You just need to organize a bit and get in a mood for a little adventure.

Start from the famous Preveli, where Megas Potamos crosses the terminal part of Kourtaliotis Gorge. The river gives life to a native palm grove and debouches into the south coast, creating an exotic scenery. The legendary Preveli Monastery, which led all of Crete’s revolutionary battles over the centuries, lies a few kilometers away.

Next destination: the Gorge of Kourtaliotis, with the beautiful waterfalls. The water is welling up from the depths of the earth without ever drying up.

On your way to Agios Vassilios and Plakias, you will pass through Kotsifos Gorge. Make a stop to take as many pictures as you can.

The Messa Gorge is also worth visiting. It is surrounded by old churches, monasteries and ruined villages. Unexplored and mystical, this place will send shivers down your spine.

Do not miss Patsos Gorge and the homonymous cave; a true place of gods, with spectacular greenery ancient vineyards, astounding atmosphere and spectacular views.

Of course, there is no question about visiting the famous Samaria Gorge, the second longest gorge in Europe after Verdon Gorge in France (16 km). In 1962, it was officially declared a National Park of Greece. It is home to many endemic species, such as the famous Cretan “kri-kri”. The gorge is named after the old village of Samaria, which means Holy Mary. During the Turkish Domination, it used to be a hideaway for rebels and locals. In 2010, it became part of UNESCO’s World Network of Biosphere Reserves. Thousands of guests from all around the world pass through gorge every year. It is a difficult route, yet a fine challenge for those who love adventure. What’s more, nature itself compensates hikers at the end: Samaria Gorge leads to a beautiful tiny little beach with cool waters, Agia Roumeli. One dive will make it all worth it. From there, a boat will take you back to Chora Sfakion.

Finally, Gavdos and Gavdopoula islands and Pajimadia (or Dionissoi) and Prassonisi islets disrupt the infinity of the southern sea and offer “shelter” to those who want to forget and be forgotten for a while. It is also a beautiful destination for a boat daytrip.