Nymfes Bar Greek Drinks Tasting in Crete Greek Drinks Tasting in Crete at a Glance

Uncover the world of Greek drinks and spirits. Try local drinks and unravel their secrets with a tailormade Greek Drinks Tasting in Crete at the Nymfes Bar. Explore the world of Greek spirits and upgrade your holidays in Plakias with the help of Alianthos Garden Hotel’s expert bar manager.

Sign up for the Greek drinks tasting experience in Crete led by our specialist bar manager.

Get to know the local customs and learn about our carefully selected Cretan & traditional Greek drinks.

Make the most of your holidays in Plakias, Crete, by tasting six different drinks: tsipouro, raki, and mastic from Alianthos Garden Hotel's exclusive bar list.


Greek Drinks Tasting in Crete In Detail

Discover the difference between ouzo, raki, tsipouro, and mastika. Participate in an authentic Greek drinks tasting experience at Nymfes Bar in Crete and indulge in delicious ouzo, raki, and tsipouro varieties.

Our bar manager invites you to a unique experience where he reveals his secrets and shares his knowledge of traditional Greek spirits. Sit back and relax while getting an insight into the history, production, and customs of Greek drinks.


Greek Drinks Tasting in Crete step-by-step

- 1. Learn the history of Greek spirits and their production process.

- 2. Be briefed about the varieties served during the tasting session.

- 3. Get guidance on how to try them while pairing them with local delicacies.

- 4. Read the dedicated slides with descriptions and information about each drink.


Enjoy a relaxing atmosphere and the laid-back charm of Plakias, Beach Crete. Book your accommodation at Alianthos Garden Hotel and use it as an ideal base for daily excursions, extreme activities, and an ultimate taste of the Cretan grandeur.