Paligremnos, the huge rock at the east end of the bay, is the landmark of Plakias. It is an entirely vertical slope of limestone rock, with impressive slots. The rock attracts many climbers from all around Crete. The structure and shape of the rock frees the way not only for advanced but also for new entry climbers. Spring and autumn are the most suitable climbing seasons, still, as long as it is not windy, one can climb all year round.

The rock is limestone of very good quality. Climbing is achieved through clefts and slab. “ARIADNI” is the most classic geometric field slit. “SPACE CAKE”, “MINIMALIST” and “MINOTAVROS” are the heyday of slab climbing. For young climbers, the “FODELE” can be really exciting. It seems flimsy but nothing ever falls apart. The rock is full of handholds.

In the course of the recent years, the field has become widely known. Several new difficult routes have been opened, mainly from Cretan climbers.