Terms and conditions

All prices include:

A. Daily rental
B. Unlimited kilometers
C. Insurance
D. Free baby or child car seat
E. Taxes
F. 24h service all over Crete


Driver age: the driver must be at least 23 years old for classes Smart, Economy, Family , Discover and at least 25 years old for classe Comfort.

Driver’s license: The driver should hold a driver’s license issued in a member state of the European Union or an international driver’s license.

Driver’s license issue date: The license should be issued at least one year before for classes Smart and Economy and at least three years before for classes Family , Discover and Comfort.

The cost of fuel is covered by the client.

The car should not embark on a ship

Delivery and return: Car delivery and return can be scheduled upon request.

Insurance: In the event of an accident, the insurance covers the car of Auto Preveli with partial loss of liability (C.D.W.) for any damage tot the vehicle. In addition, it covers death and personal injuries of third parties up to the amount of 1.220.000 euros for each person, as well as material damage to third parties up to the amoutn of 1.220.000 euros. With additional charge, there is the possibility of Full Loss of Liability (F.D.W)

Traffic fines: The customer is liable for all traffic offenses or administrative violations.

Baby or child car seat: available upon request